Since our founding in 2000, we have been engaged in businesses to scientifically measure human capabilities and support learning utilizing IT technology, based on our experience gained through our work on many projects of testing and test related system development for various tests including TOEIC test.
In 2004, we announced CBT service "CBT-Generator" which makes us the first domestic vendor to provide a computer based testing service in Japan. Subsequently we introduced our service to many companies and organizations, and it has grown to become a platform that boasts the largest number of test delivery in Japan. Recently, our challenging new efforts made MASTER CBT to be adopted in the English speaking test of the university entrance examination.
And also, our e-learning platform "SAKU-SAKU Testing" for business organizations has been introduced to more than 1,300 companies, focusing not only on compliance, sales and business knowledge, but also on the contents area which has recently become increasingly necessary such as promoting female workplace participation, and education for temporary and part-time workers.
We will respond to the diverse needs of education of organizations in various sizes ranging from small to large, utilizing a series of services such as " Master of Business", a specialized service for prospective and new employee education, "Compliance General Exercise Tests Collection", a specialized service of compliance education supervised by Nakajima Transactional Law Office, 1200 employee educational video library and 3000 question drills, etc.

In recent years, technological innovations such as AI, IoT and big data have been put to practical use in various fields, and it is expected that new services and technologies will be utilized in the field of testing and education. We released a completely new digital learning service "BIZSTEP" which enables AI to propose learning plans. In this service, by entering your personal profile and goal, and taking the diagnostic tests, you will be able to measure your knowledge you need, and you will receive recommended study plans and books to read.
In accordance with the working style reform in progress in Japan, many corporations are starting to consider adopting of micro learning which enables learning by smartphone at any time in the small gap time. By utilizing our services, "MASTER CBT Plus(+)", "SAKU-SAKU Testing" and "BIZSTEP", learners can obtain a learning and testing environment free from the constraints of time and place.

We treasure the bonds with our clients, and we aim to be a company beloved by our clients and partners. We appreciate your continued support and understanding of all stakeholders.

President and CEO
Shinya Sato

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Company Name e-communications Inc.
Representative     President and CEO
Shinya Sato
Head Office Shinroppongi Building SENQRoppongi 704,
7-15-7 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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TEL +81-3-3560-3901
Founded May 1, 2000
Capital 67 million JPY
Business Activities CBT (Computer Based Testing) system
e-Learning Solution
System Integration relating to test system
Shareholders Management Team
Pasona HR Solution
Kawai-Juku Group
Major Client NTT Communications Corporation
Rakuten, Inc.
Yahoo Japan Corporation
Gurunavi, Inc.
Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd.
ITOCHU Corporation
Nikkei Inc.



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